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Apart from our online boutique which curates beautiful items from all over India and manufactures our own clothing line of original designs, IndiBlu has expanded our services to doing this for clients from all over the world as well.

We are based in India, live in India and know India!

By procuring quality products from ethical sources in India, we are excited to share the talents of artisans and their fine products as well as all the beautiful treasures India has to offer. We aim to be the hands and eyes of our clients in all areas of the procurement process through our value-added services that ensure products meet quality standards.

We believe a good client relationship will always supersede short-term financial gains. Our happy clients come back time to us for repeat orders and assistance with curating special collections. 

  The Dynamic Duo!

Meet Amy and Rahul Sharma, an adventurous husband and wife duo.  Amy is a US native from the sunny city of Los Angeles and Rahul is from the magical and sacred city of Varanasi. 

In working with us, you have the benefit of a savvy Western eye and attention to quality control and organized and transparent business pracitces combined with the essential talents of negotiation and familiarity of working with locals in India from the local perspective. 

You have the best of both worlds working on your behalf. 


Is it your dream to start your own clothing brand?

See What We  Can  Do For You

Product Sourcing & Personal Shopping

We provide the service of helping clients get wht they want. If you know exactly what you want we can be the feet on the gournd to make the purchase and arrange secure shipping to your door.

Or if you interested in certain items but don’t know where to start, we can help guide you and provide solutions.

Whether you come to India in person or are abroad, we can help procure the times that is cost effective for you.

  • Textiles
  • Handicrafts
  • Beauty products
  • Accessories
  • Leather goods
  • Spiritual items
  • Cooking and kitchen items
  • Home decor items
  • Jewelry
  • Bags
  • AND custom orders for any of these items done specifically in your design.

Custom Garment Production

We have partnered with a professional garment production factory here in Varanasi that has been creating high quality garments for fashion designers abroad for over 15 years. The owners are a husband and wife couple from Argentina and a Varanasi native. 

Through our collaboration, we are able to work together to ensure the smooth development of new and established clothing lines directly with the desighner via sampling, procuring fabrics, logistics, production and shipping for ongoing production.

The production team consists of over 70 tailors, 5 master tailors and high quality machines for all typles of fabrics. 

Since the factory is in Vaananis wehere we live, we are able to oversee the entire process and ensure clarity and quality control at an affordable project cost.

Start your clothing line now and set your dreams into action!




India is the land of exquisite fabrics and textiles that come from all over India. Each area is known to specialize in a certain type of fabric and through research and hands on shopping in areas around India, we know where to to get what you want.

  • Hand Block Printed Fabrics for clothing, accessories and home decor items
  • Bedcovers and Quilts
  • Jute for bags and home decor items
  • Embroidered fabrics
  • Silk, Cotton and everything in between
  • Saris
  • Cashmere



Eco-Friendly Customer Bags

India is extememly innovative when it comes to recycling and reuse of materials. Because of this you find alot of bags made from re-purposed newspaper and fabrics. 

This is is fun way and eco-friendly way to provide customer carry bags or gift bags for events. 

Bits & Bobs

If you are a designer needing beautiful, trendy and affordable accessories for your designs, India has an abundance of them at amazing prices. 

  • Unique Tassels
  • Pom Poms
  • Zippers, buttons, clasps
  • Fringe
  • Fabric borders for clothing and accessories
  • and more …..
  • and whatever we can’t find can be made!

Branded Packaging

Ordering items with company logos can be quite expensive with maertial and printing costs. India is very affordable and well equipped to handle most custom orders using silk screen, hand wood block printing, laser cutting and digital printing. We’ve provided many happy clients with their branded marketing items including:

  • Customer Carry Bags
  • Yoga Mat Bags
  • Business Cards
  • Garment tags and hang tags
  • T-shirts
  • and more …


Custom Bags

Who doesn’t love bags? I started IndiBlu Boutique just so I could buy lots and lots of bagsand then I started designing our own. I love it!

We have gorgrous fabrics, an incredible amount of aof accessories to embelish bags and affordable tailors at our fingertips here in India. 

We take orders for custom bags of any design and fabric for fashion purposes or practical. Let’s get started!

What We Do

Our Areas of Specialty

This is the bread and butter of what we do and why we know you will continue to use us for every order.

Custom Garment & Accessory Production

Are you just starting out with your own clothing or accessory line? We will walk you through the whole process seamlessly from design to samples to production to shipping.

Whether you’re looking to do production in India for an existing line or starting from scratch, our experienced team always creates professional and beautiful garments, both complex and simple.


Fabric & Product Sourcing

India is world renowned for its textiles, clothing, accessories and handicrafts.

We have at our fingertips suppliers of beautiful silk, wood block fabric, saris, organic cottons and embroidered fabrics from all over India.

The talented artisans of India have perfected their crafts in wood work, fabric borders, ceramics, clothing, jewelry, gems and so many other beautiful items that we can get for you.

Logistics & Shipping

We handle all the logistics of shipping and customs/duties to give you a price to your doorstep. No surprise fees or costs and you will have a final price before you make the decision to place an order.

We aim to make sure your order arrives safely and in a timely manner. It’s not necessarily about getting the cheapest price, but an affordable rate that saves you the headache of delayed or damaged items during shipping.

Product Research

We are experts on which region produces the best quality product you are looking for. As we continue to grow and expand, we are continuing to partner with new manufacturers all over India who bring the highest quality to their own areas of specialty.


If you work with India, you have to know to how bargain! So we work to get you the lowest cost we can so that you keep coming back to the same manufacturer.

With a Native Indian working on your behalf, we’ll make sure you get the best price without compromising quality. 


You might be wondering why we would put integrity as an area of specialty? Simply because that is our highest priority in every aspect of the services we offer. If we win in only one thing, we want it to be integrity.

Quality Control

Someone has to inspect the purchased products and inspect custom orders during production and before shipment. You have both the eye of a Westerner and Indian checking all items and orders to ensure quality control for each and every order. 

Vetted Companies

When we find a trustworthy company that manufactures quality products with integrity, we keep going back! The companies we connect you with in India are personally vetted by us.

We also work with fabric manufacturers that are using sustainable practices and creating organic products. 

Affordable Pricing

India is well known for its affordable products and services which is a great option for businesses abroad. We work on your behalf to get the best prices without compromising quality. 

By working with us from abroad or directly here in India – you save time, money and frustration. We help create a game plan and strategy for procuring your items. 

We have established relationships with suppliers throughout India and in our home town of Varanasi and continue to grow our base of suppliers each day.  

We handle price negotiation, quality control, shipping and logistics, all to make sure you get the best product at the best price. What is in it for us? We want to create long term business partnerships that equal a win-win for all. 

Why India?

As an emerging country and market, the manufacturing industry has yet to be weighed down by middle men and an abundance of low-quality products. For decades  Yet, there are opportunities for higher quality products at lower prices in other countries.

Artisan Crafts & Trades

There are so many talented artisans in India that carry on the tradition of creating as they’ve done for centuries. However, many of these amazing artisans and crafts are slowly being replaced by large scale and fast production by machines. 

We are excited to connect buyers with artisans to keep these hand made crafts and the villages where they are making them continue the traditions. 

Beautiful hand loomed fabrics, wood work, ceramics, painted crafts, furniture, embroidery, jewelry, gypsy bags and leather items are just a few of the stunning work done by Indian artisans. 



Personalized Buying Trips

For decades business owners have been coming to India so search near and far for beautiful and unique treasures. However, landing in India and expecting to have everything run smoothly is a challenge. With language barriers, inexperience with doing business in India and not having a clear idea of where to go to shop or do production isn’t always the best recipe for success. 

By hiring us to organize your travel itinerary for buying trips, schedule meetings with suppliers and having us accompany you will boost your productivity while in India and, ultimately, higher financial gains in the future. 


Clothing Production Factory Partnership

Our team of talented team of tailors has been working together for over 15 years and has done production for hundreds of happy designers worldwide. The factory is located in Varanasi which allows us to be nearby and oversee all aspects of production from beginning to end and manage quality control.

With a Argentinian husband and wife couple and their Indian partner who are up on the latest trends in fashion and the call from the fashion industry to use sustainable practices and products to protect the environment, they are following suit by working with suppliers using sustainable and organic fabrics and providing fair trade salaries for their team. We are excited to be working with them.

With over 70 tailors, master tailors and professional sewing machines for types of fabric they are able to accommodate orders both large and small – simple and complex. 

Sustainable and Organic Textile Suppliers

As more and more companies and individuals are moving towards products that are organic and using sustainable practices, we expand our roster of suppliers daily. 

We love to support businesses that are stepping up and contributing to protection of the environment. 

Why We Are Different

 Your sourcing and production dynamic duos offers the perspective and experience of both India and the United States who both live and work in India. My husband, Rahul, and I (Amy) are on the ground sourcing, shopping, negotiating and shipping on your behalf.

You aren’t working with an agent sitting in the US coordinating with vendors they’ve never met who aren’t familiar of seasonal festivals and schedules and work systems.

With a native Hindi speaker who understands the ins and outs of how things work in India, has a roster of excellent vendors and artisans built up over years of working and a partnership with a garment factory and knowledgeable about the logistics of shipping – this is an ace in your pocket. A local connection working on your behalf is worth gold in India. 

And I bring a Western perspective and professional experience that knows what our International clientele expects and we deliver!

Clear communication throughout the process,

transparent and up front costs and quotes that we’ve negotiated to get you the best price, 

Thorough research to find the best options for you

Professional garment factory that has….

Most importantly, is a team of two with far reaching sources and professionalism who respects our clients time and investment. 

India has so much to offer at affordable prices that makes doing business in India a real game changer but in all honesty, it’s not the easiest place to navigate both logistically and culturally so having a team working on your behalf will streamline the process to save you time and money. 


15 year in products

foreigner/Indian partnership

Charitalbe work – ladies

list of services/products

digital print

block printing


The Process

About Custom Production

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What is the process?

Call, email, or fill out a product request quote below. The more details on predicted quantity, target price, and product specs the better. Often, we will ask for a sample from you. We will connect with vetted manufactures, get a sample made, and figure out a landed cost for you at your zip code. From there, you decide to source the product or not!

How do you charge for your product sourcing services?
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Do you require minimum orders?

We do not require a minimum order. However, some of the vendors that may be filling your order may request minimum orders. This will be discovered during the research phase. 

What is the process for custom garment and accessory production?

Call, email, or fill out a product request quote below. The more details on predicted quantity, target price, and product specs the better. Often, we will ask for a sample from you. We will connect with vetted manufactures, get a sample made, and figure out a landed cost for you at your zip code. From there, you decide to source the product or not!

What is the process for payments?

Each order is unique due to the services requested and quantity ordered. Many projects are done in phases, so this also contributes to the payment process. 

In most cases we require 50% up front and the balance due prior to shipping.

For foreign payments we use Transferwise (www.transferwise) the fastest, most affordable and secure means of cash transfer.

I came to India on a sourcing and buying trip for my clothing lined which is based in the US. Amy and Rahul researched vendors for me to visit across India, assisted with price negotiations and coordinated the logistics and scheduling for the trip and the accompanied me as well which was a godsend since I had never been to India before and felt quite overwhelmed. The contacts I made and production of my custom textiles has really been amaizing for my business. They have also made branded packaging for me and helped with ongoing project managemnt and sourcing for me. 

I highly recommend them, I could not have done this alone. 

Savannah Morrow

Fashion Designer and Owner, Savannah Morrow The Label

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