Merchandise Sourcing & Production in India

Sourcing ~ Production ~ Buying ~ Transporting the merchandise of your dreams for your business.

We are here in India with our feet on the ground and ready to go! 


Behind the scenes we, IndiBlu (aka Rahul & Amy), have always done shopping, sourcing and custom production for friends & associates abroad and then friends of friends and it's just grown from there. So, we've decided to make this a permanent part of our IndiBlu services for our International friends!


Why Hire Us?

Let's face it, India is amazing and has incredible treasures & services for extremely reasonable prices but it also has it's challenges including: distance and cost of travelling, time - you can't necessarily just make a quick one or two day buying trip out of it and not to mention language and sheer country size just to name a few. 

So, that's why you should entrust us with your India sourcing and production.

Especially NOW, when travel is so restricted (and, at the moment, not so fun) but your business still needs to function!

We can get you back on track. OR if you've found yourself in a position where you will be starting up your dream business and are looking for help with sourcing textiles, jewelry or jewelry making items like beads and such or want to start garment, home decor or accessory production...these are all services we offer. 


A Bit of Background

Please visit our About Page to meet us!

My husband, Rahul, is a Varanasi native and is thus well versed in the art of negotiating prices & deadlines as well as navigating the crazy roads and transportation of India. I, Amy, am a California native who brings a Western work ethic to the table in regards to organizing projects, quality control, organizing shipping, a keen shopping eye and understanding for what our customers want. I also make sure that there is clear communication throughout all projects.


We have a production team of tailors already in place and can accommodate any style of garments, home decor items, accessories, custom projects, customer packaging such as cloth bags with logos, etc. We can accommodate small to medium size production. We have also partnered with larger production houses for clients that require large runs. 

My husband and I come as a package deal and you literally get the best of both worlds! We provide a valuable service to all our clients and everyone we've worked with have been exceptionally pleased with our services. 

We can even act as your liaison if you already have your vendors and production in place but can't make the trip to India to work together at the moment. 

List of Sourcing & Consulting Products and Services:

  • Sourcing merchandise and negotiating the best prices for you
  • Textiles - Blankets, Fabric, Shawls & Scarves, etc
  • Garments - Ready made and custom orders
  • Handicrafts
  • Spiritual items: Wall hangings, mandala necklaces, Hindu ritual items, etc
  • Customer Packaging : Bags with logos, recycled eco-friendly bags, etc.
  • Jewelry (vintage & contemporary) and Jewelry Making Items (beads, etc)
  • Marketing Essentials: Business Cards, Banners, Logo Merchandise
  • Essential Oils/Ayurvedic Products
  • Manage production and provide excellent quality control from start to shipping
  • Travel planning/consulting for buying/research trips
  • We wlll travel to search for what you need!

Custom projects

If you're feel overwhelmed or don't know where to start on getting any of these treasures from India to your door front or some friendly faces to accompany or advise you.....we can simplify the process for you!

We will research vendors, production houses and custom services that you need to complete your wish list. 

We can even accompany you on buying trips to act as advisors and assist you in making your research or buying trip more cost effective and productive.


How We Work

With our feet on the ground here in India with the experience and knowledge of doing business in India and the ins and outs of shipping Internationally, we offer our valuable expertise as your remote personal shopper and production project manager. We offer different services and options that can be customized to meet your needs. 

Typically we divide our projects into two parts:                                                 

1. Research and Sourcing of items and requesting pricing from vendors as well as negotiating the best price for you. Depending on the scope of the project and time required to source vendors or review production options, we charge a service fee ranging from $35-$100 for the work we put into this phase. If businesses are looking to order on an ongoing basis with the same vendors, this would be a "one time" only service charge. 

2. Placing orders and/or production and, finally, shipping,

If supporting small business is a priority for you, then you understand we can't work for free in the sourcing of merchandise and doing custom is our valuable time spent searching for your treasures! Investing in us is investing in the success and growth of your business - saving you time and money from making the trip you're getting a two for one package including my husband and myself at your service. 


Let's Get Started!

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Here's some samples of what we can source and the services we provide as your Personal Shopper!