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Delivering you sustainable sourcing value from emerging and developed markets

Our overseas experts, we can put you in contact with the right people who can manufacturer your product for a reasonable rate. We oversee every step to make it smooth and easy for you.

Stay up to date on our most recent content that is geared towards helping everyone and anyone do business with India. We connect you straight with an American contact buyer No need to travel overseas, we have trusted suppliers and preform factory audits for you

Our Services

1. Finding Suppliers

2. Quotes and Negotiation

3. Shipping and Customs

4. Quality Control Checks

5. Excellent Cross-culture Communication

We are an independent sourcing agency specializing in doing business with India

Our mission is to help our partner companies grow through honesty and integrity by procuring quality products from ethical sources around the globe. We aim to be the hands and feet of our clients in all areas of the procurement process through our value added services to ensure products meet quality standards. We believe that good client relationships will always trump short-term financial gains. The modern business world has been sourcing products from China for a few decades now. Meanwhile, there are many more South Asian countries that would love to be doing business with the West but have been late in the game. India is one of those countries. India has the manufactures and the products, but the ease of doing business is hard primarily because of cultural differences.That is where we come in.

Due to years of experience that come from living in the country, our company is more qualified than anyone else to fill the communication and cultural gap that comes with sourcing products from India. We have both the Western eye and the language and cultural acquisition needed to be able to make buying products from India go from a nightmare to possible. The best companies in the West are already doing business with India on a massive scale. But what about the medium-size company and the startup? We know our niche. Are you someone we can help?

We have over 80 personnel who are currently living in India. This group represents some of the best and brightest from universities across the central U.S. We are equipped for supply chain management and is continuing to grow in their expertise and knowledge for South Asia product procurement. We are a relational group that understands the complexities of manufacturing in India for the Western marketplace. Headquartered in Kansas City, we have satellite offices in Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Calcutta. These four cities allow easy access to the four corners of the country in order to have a consistent and personal presence with our partnering factories.


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Our Value-Added Services

 By choosing to use us, you will be gaining:

1 Quality control inspections with no international travel

2 Personal interactions from agents dedicated to you

3 Samples made, delivered, checked, and approved

4 Legal contracts in place that protect all parties

5 Overseas customs and shipping facilitation

6 Introduction to pre-vetted suppliers

Quality Control

Someone has to inspect the product during production and before shipment. We have Westerners on the group 24/7/365 in India that handle the quality control.

Expert Quality Control & Expert Tailors & High End Machinery

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Logistics & Shipping

We handle all the logistics of shipping and customs/duties to give you a landed price at your deliver zip code. No surprise fees or costs and you will have a final price before you make the decision to place an order.

Is it your dream to start your own clothing brand?

Why we are different

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We are happy to provide our customers with DHL Shipping from India with GUARANTEED 5 Day World-Wide Shipping with Tracking for $9USD and under!
We are happy to provide our customers with DHL Shipping from India with GUARANTEED 5 Day World-Wide Shipping with Tracking for $9USD and under!
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