Kantha Scarf

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Hand-Stitched Indian Silk Kantha Scarf in vibrant colors and patterns. Kanthas sport different complimenting and contrasting patterns on each side, and who doesn’t love a good two-for-one deal?

This kantha scarf is made from up-cycled vintag silk sari strips. Thread fringes on the ends give an authentic hand stitched look and is a perfect fusion of a traditional look with contemporary style.

Why we love them:
Bright, happy colors! Wildly intricate hand-stitching! An exotic place of origin! What’s not to love? One of these scarves from India will add just the right amount of exotic style to any wardrobe.

Where they’re from:
Kanthas originate in Bangladesh and the eastern states of North India, where women artisans intricately stitch together layer upon layer of old silk saris and tossed-aside cloth scraps with thousands of small & delicate "kantha" stitches to create scarves and blankets as well. Kantha is the ancient Indian art of embroidery, actually the word kantha refers to the simple running stitch used to create the blankets.

Approx 36" x 86" (each is hand made and measurements may differ slightly)

Up cycled Vintage Silk Saris sewn together with Kantha Stitching. Please make sure you love your item prior to purchasing as all pieces are sold as is. 

Dry clean only. No twisting & wringing. Do not bleach. Do not iron.